Friday, May 15, 2015

Mlias M9 Smartphone from GearBest Review

I recently purchased a new Smartphone for my wife to replace the $39 Nokia Lumia with Windows. I first have to admit that for the price the Lumia was a pretty good phone; it never really had an issue, it was tougher than it looked, allowed for offline map downloading, and generally did what a smartphone should.

Then I came across a deal from GearBest (from which I've purchased items cheap before but with good quality and not complaints) for an Andriod 5 inch smartphone running KitKat for $84.99.  The camera is 8.0 MP on the back and all the other specs are virtually identical to my Nexus 5 ($349 purchase from google directly).  The only downside from GearBest can be how long the shipping can take, but seeing that it normally comes from Hong Kong, understandable.

Now that we've had the phone (unlocked by-the-way, on a $25 a month At&t plan) for a while I can't see any reason to spend $300+, never-mind $600 (iPhone, Samsung, etc...) on a phone ever again. I will reserve the right to take back some of the thoughts if it doesn't last much longer, but that said for that price it'll only have to make it another month to still be better value than the top phones.

Andriod runs smooth on it;  Apps don't crash (I've had an LG that crashed constantly); the screen is clearer then my Nexus; and if we drop it it isn't the end of the world.  The camera might not be as good as other 8MP's you've used but it's far better than the Lumia 4MP we had prior.

Mlias M9 Andriod Smartphone at GearBest

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