Thursday, December 1, 2011

All American McDonald's

For the past decade or so the majority of what I've heard about McDonald's has been negative.  I can't even count how many times I've heard how bad they are for you.  The awareness of the consumer as to what they put in their body has definitely been increasing over those years - so I can sort of understand the attacks. The thing is though you never hear about how bad Ben and Jerry's is - and all they sell is bad for you.  I happen to love Ben and Jerry's and McDonald's is pretty kicking as well.

Try this: have kids to feed, a tight budget, a doctor telling you your daughter needs to put on weight, and keeping an on-the-go life.  I can't walk into Panera Bread (which I also love) and feast like a king for $9 for the entire family.  Oh, and I get a toy as well.  I know it isn't the healthiest food out there - but we've magnified it so much we seem to forget how small of a snapshot it is for our total lifestyle.  Eating nothing but it is bad for my kids - but so is eating nothing but fruit or only spinach and onions.  Could we also not blame some of why there is so much corn in their food to the government for artificially increasing the supply of corn.  They started using it because it was cheaper and tasted good - not because they wanted to make you fat.  McDonalds rocks and is a great American company. [end rant]

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