Friday, March 11, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rock in a Decade?!

For 10 years I had XM radio in my car (1999-2009). Where I could choose from hundreds of Indie/Rock stations - now as I drive to work without it I've found any sort of variety to be completely gone - namely anything Rock appears to be dead. Here is how I concluded this:

  • I've heard the exact same song on two stations at the exact same time! Ok, no big deal, but when one station is 'soft rock' and the other is 'jammin hip hop' something is wrong.
  • If you look up Rock and top sellers on iTunes you'll find all old rock. 10 years of music and 'Kings of Leon' and 'Switchfoot' appear to be 50% of rock bands/songs.
  • WBCN was the only rock station that played new stuff, punk stuff, a wide range of the RadioHeads, Smashing Pumpkins, etc... WAAF hasn't changed in a decade (minus Cage the Elephant or whatever their name), but to their defense there is nothing new to play.
  • It is not possible to drive for an hour without hearing 1 of 4 songs (katy, rhinna, bruno, pink). In fact, you'll probably hear all 4 and 1 of them twice.

Perhaps Idol is somewhat to blame - for 9 years all that mattered is being able to sing. Music itself will be written for you later. I do prefer when people make it from nothing, and I'd rather someone who can really sing get the spotlight; however does anyone make it from a real garage band anymore? I guess I'm just getting old, but the music nowadays seems so disposable and copied. Even sadder is when teens don't even realize that Kayne's songs are old songs just re-made.