Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ribbon Dancing

I was finally able to capture just a little clip of what can go on in the office. Nice moves G-man.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5 things Halo 3 did right, and 5 it has done wrong

As a big Halo fan I've never got sick of playing Halo online. Halo 3 really impressed me with their online multiplayer, but for the first time in years I'm starting to fade from it being the only game I play online. Here is my list of why I was so impressed, and why I think I'm losing interest.

5 reasons why Halo 3 is the best xbox game online:
  1. 1. Even maps, even (enough) weapons
  2. 2. Variety (lots of game types, weapons, vehicles, equipment)
  3. 3. Replay sets the bar. No game competes with the replay system of Halo 3. I can watch any game from any angle at any speed; and save clips and share easily with friends. Even the campaign has replays.
  4. 4. Halo 3 is the newest Halo. Halo 1 (xbconnect) online players never got sick of Halo CE, its just that Halo 2 came out. Halo 2 players put up with mods and cheaters to get in a few good games for years, it didn't get old either - Halo 3 just replaced it.
  5. 5. The Ranking system is great. Two simple, cool ways to rank. Quitters are leveled down.

5 reasons why Halo 3 may decline fast:
  1. 1. Team Hammers. Completely random, try playing these blindfolded in another room upside-down, you'll find you do just as well if not better.
  2. 2. BR is less than Pistol. Halo 2 didn't have the pistol, Halo 3 should have. It didn't have to be as dominate, but it shows more skill than even the BR - which sprays a bit. The pistol changes how maps are played too, Hang'em high just wasn't nearly as fun for Halo 2 without it.
  3. 3. Both players don't die. If you have no health and I punch you, you should die. Halo 3 implemented some weird system about who dies in a close beat-down fight. I can beat you down second and still win the fight. Why can't both players just die, like they did in Halo 1 and 2. If you are dead, you are dead. I don't mind dying as much if you die too.
  4. 4. Every match is a ranked game. What is the point of having ranked and unranked options? I'm a 47 and every game that I play in I play 47's. I have to always bring my 'A' game. Good players like to rape sometimes. If I never win by more than 10, its not as fun, no matter who I play. If I do win its not that much fun either because I only beat someone about my rank. I never lose by much either, sometimes I want to get killed by much better kids, so that I can try to step it up. If I want to play a ranked game I'll choose ranked - thank you.
  5. 5. n00bs and lower ranked players appear to get a handicap. They can beat-down further, grenades hurt more from further away, take more shots to kill, their shields come back in 4 seconds, not the normal 6. More on this to come (proof I mean), but check it out for yourself, go watch one of your games. Digg my article