Monday, December 17, 2007

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Eskimos?

Pirates vs. Ninjas just wasn't enough. I can understand Knight, Viking, Cowboy, and even Astronaut; but Eskimo? Who put Eskimo up there, and how is it not the last choice for everyone.

An office debate was started to see which character would be the coolest to be. Some of the deciding categories that were discussed include: strength, freedom, prestige, charm (ok sex life), average life expectancy, weapons, average meals, etc...

Some key points:

  • Ninjas sex life is unknown
  • A Viking is not just a northern pirate
  • Eskimos have no enemies
  • Vampires always do well with the ladies
Some co-workers would only rate their #1 spot, so we never got full results. Knight was doing surprisingly well (even though he may be on the battle field for long periods without women, and has to be willing to give his life for someone else). Viking (perhaps Beowulf helping) also made a strong showing.
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1 comment:

Greg Rodenhiser said...

Eskimo is pretty damn cool. Think about it... You live in a FREAKIN igloo!! And you have a dog sled and get to kill whales.