Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tribute to a fallen Soldier

Today is the Birthday of former master chief- Spyda2Gsamdigga. Spyda2Gsamdigga was one of the original Halo CE pistol shooting warriors to span across North America looking for a challenge. Damnation still remembers his dead-on rockets; Hang 'em high had to wash the blood stains off the back wall; Chill-out is exactly what the opposing team was saying to Digga with his shotgun of glory; Boarding Action and Chiron didn't even know they were good maps until he stepped foot; the ladder on Longest felt safe, but digga's plasma was already on your back.

Halo 2 brought more beat-downs, and the domination continued... but, suddenly a combination was formed to defend DIGGA2G's wrath - the n00b-combo. With his back to the wall he changed his name to hide his identity, but the combo soon followed. SAMDIGGA had to survive without a shield. He did.

Halo 3 came just in time, and cheaters and the n00b-combo couldn't crawl away from the SPYDASAM...........

At approximately 2:47 am, the above photo was taken on a new level they call Higher Ground. Just outside the front gates a n00b jumped off the wall to a certain death. Certain you ask, yes certain, because the SPYDA was waiting with his shotgun. The unsuspecting n00b let out a wail as he felt the point-blank shotgun to his face. SPYDA2GSAMdigga was satisfied.

Wait, what?! Armed with only his shotgun the unknown blue-player turned and fired in SAM's direction, followed with a pointless pounding of the B-button.

What happened next is not certain. There are whispers of a friendly snipe, or a stray grenade, or even a barrel looking for spydasam; what we do know is DiggaSam2gSpyda has fallen..... (if you click on the pic for high res, you can clearly see the spyda symbol)

Let our prayers be with him, for he will never be forgot.

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